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Alter appointment owner....

Just this simple script but the SaveAppointmentEntity in the end doesnt work. No errors appears but the 3 historical acts linked to user 8 is not transferred to user 5

Isnt there a mucher faster way to change appointment.associate_id ?


Integer histKobe = 8;

NSAssociateAgent assAgent;
NSAssociate newKobe = assAgent.GetAssociate(5);


SearchEngine se;
se.addFields("appointment", "appointment_id,associate_id");
se.addCriteria("appointment.associate_id", "OperatorEquals", histKobe.toString());

NSAppointmentAgent appntAgent;

String appntId = se.getField(0);
//printLine("<BR> app ID " + se.getField(0) + "userID " + se.getField(1) );

NSAppointmentEntity appnt = appntAgent.GetAppointmentEntity(appntId.toInteger());





RE: Alter appointment owner....

Hello Henrik,

Why don't you use Bulk update for this? You can create a selection with all activitys with owner = old associate and then bulk update them to owner = new associate.

Von: David Hollegien 3. Mrz 2021

RE: Alter appointment owner....

Hi David,

From what I can read it is not implemented yet ?

Von: Henrik Laitinen 3. Mrz 2021