Expander World Event online?


Just a thought.

Since we have this covid-19 situation, would i be possible to have Expander World online using Teams or some other platform.

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Patrik Lindholm

RE: Expander World Event online?

Hi Patrik,

It's up for an internal discussion in the near future. 

Any particular topics or sessions of interests?

Best regards!

Von: Tony Yates 24. Aug 2020

RE: Expander World Event online?


How about a session on how to secure CRMscripts? I would guess there is a lot of 'unsecure' scripts running for customers, many could benefit from understanding how to for example use the jwt-lib (github) to secure the scripts better. 
In general it could be smart to talk a little about 'where to use CRMscripts and where to register a custom app', as you can do almost anything with CRMscript as it is today. Is there a line, and if so, where is it? 

Plans/future of CRMscript in Online?

Roadmap/whats ahead?

Maybe show a beta-version of SCIL in Online? Maybe to early but that would be great. 

Demo of Client Credentials flow in Online ( ;) ) 

Just some things from the top of my head


Von: Eivind Johan Fasting 7. Sep 2020

RE: Expander World Event online?

Are there any discussion whether there will be expander world 2021, or 2022 even, now that vaccines are getting rolled out, and countries starts to open up again? (Given they don't close again soon)


I really miss the event, it's a really good way to catch up with what you are working on.

Von: Dennis Mortensgaard 16. Jul 2021

RE: Expander World Event online?

Nothing new to report. 

We are currently focused on conducting personalized online performance seminars with select partners, but by the end of the year I would very much like to start publishing new DEV videos for what conver would have been EW 2019/2020 sessions.

As for in an person EW conference, I suspect sometime in 2022 is most likely. Otherwise something like an online conference should be made possible. 

Best regards.

Von: Tony Yates 2. Aug 2021