Expander World Event online?


Just a thought.

Since we have this covid-19 situation, would i be possible to have Expander World online using Teams or some other platform.

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Patrik Lindholm

RE: Expander World Event online?

Hi Patrik,

It's up for an internal discussion in the near future. 

Any particular topics or sessions of interests?

Best regards!

Von: Tony Yates 24. Aug 2020

RE: Expander World Event online?


How about a session on how to secure CRMscripts? I would guess there is a lot of 'unsecure' scripts running for customers, many could benefit from understanding how to for example use the jwt-lib (github) to secure the scripts better. 
In general it could be smart to talk a little about 'where to use CRMscripts and where to register a custom app', as you can do almost anything with CRMscript as it is today. Is there a line, and if so, where is it? 

Plans/future of CRMscript in Online?

Roadmap/whats ahead?

Maybe show a beta-version of SCIL in Online? Maybe to early but that would be great. 

Demo of Client Credentials flow in Online ( ;) ) 

Just some things from the top of my head


Von: Eivind Johan Fasting 7. Sep 2020