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If statement with Merge Fields.


I have and several customers have read this blog post.
But I can´t get this function with IF statement with Merge Fields to work as I hope.

What I want to accomplish is this.
If I give 0% discount then I want the document to not display anything. just be blank. And if I have a discount then it should display that.


I have set it up lie this:

{IF«line/discountPercent»="0" " " «line/discountPercent:0»}
So the two parts with «line/discountPercent» are two seperate Merge Fields within the big IF statemnt. 


If I togel on the filde code it looks like this:

Anyone who are able to get this to work?

Is it posible to set up work like this?


// Samuel 

RE: If statement with Merge Fields.

Hey Samuel

Did you get this working by any chance? :)

Von: Jonas Moltumyr 21. Mai 2021