Linking to a sale in SuperOffice via URL

I'm trying to link the user to a specific sale from outside of SuperOffice, but the behaviour I'm getting is unstable. 

For example, I show a link to SuperOffice sale `40` using the link:

This link will take me to SuperOffice, as expected, and the website will populate the `diaryowner_id` for me in the URL. And sometimes it will link me to sale 40, the one I want to get to. 

But sometimes, it links me to the previous sale I've visited on the SuperOffice website. Say that the last sale I visited was sale 5, following the link sometimes takes me to url

This behaviour is always reproducible if the user is required to login into SuperOffice.

Is this intended behaviour? Am I using the wrong link format? Do I also need to specify the `diaryowner_id`?

Ideas are greatly appreciated 😊

RE: Linking to a sale in SuperOffice via URL

Hi Camelia,

Defining an entity ID like (sale_id=5) should update the "current entity" to that id when the browser is rendered. However, if it's consistantly reproducable when a use logs in, that tells me the client is loading the ID from history and the soprotocol module isn't overriding the histories representation of the current value. This will require some digging...

If you had login credentials, you could set the associates current (history) via the API.


Von: Tony Yates 10. Dez 2020

RE: Linking to a sale in SuperOffice via URL

Hey Tony, 

Thank you for the quick response, and for the sugested solution. Updating the associate's id is too invasive for my use-case, and the feature is not important enough to attempt. 

At least now I know I'm not missusing the url in some way. If you guys are aware of this behaviour, that's good enough for me 😊

If it helps you in debugging the issue, I know that the url parameter did not get overridden in SuperOffice version `8.2.6689.1603` (onsite). My (broad) assumption is that it was introduced in the latest redesign of the UI and the introduction of diaries. 

Von: Camelia Smeria 10. Dez 2020