Webhooks - Data Access and Storage


  1. Are triggered webhooks that are queued saved in the database?
    1. If yes, in which table?
    2. If no, what is the underlying workflow? Is some kind of central Azure message-queue or database used?

  2. In online, is it possible to access the webhook-table using CRMScript and SearchEngines or is the access to that table disabled per default? I'm mostly interested in an alternative way of seeing if there are stored webhooks in the table.


RE: Webhooks - Data Access and Storage

Hi Marcus,

Webhooks is a documented feature. There is also an article about this topic.

You asked "Are triggered webhooks that are queued saved in the database?".

Webhooks are a subscription to be notified when certain changes occur to certain tables/entities in the database. These definitions are maintained in the webhook table.

What is queued, when the event is raised, are the notifications, or webhook payloads. The payload contain which entity and which action raised the event. The payloads are not stored in the database. If for some unknown reason a webhook request fails to receive a 200 OK response, it's paused and retried a few more times (as detailed in the article). If it continues to fail, then the webhook is set to too many failures and will no longer send notifications. The webhook payload from these failed attempts is discarded. Then, it's up to the subscriber to reset the webhook (set it to active) when the receiving URL is accessible again. 

Yes, webhooks are accessible in the CRMScript API. There are several examples for getting all webhooks, creating webhooks and testing webhooks in this forum post

New to webhooks is the ability to create a webhook that calls a CRMScript directly. See the docs for details.

Hope this helps!

Von: Tony Yates 7. Dez 2020