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Is import dead?

Before when you created a table with the SoDictionarySDK, it was possible to add an import category and to add import names to all the fields/columns.

I can't find any methods or documentation belonging to setup of import to user defined tables.

So is import dead? Or how do I set the category and names?

RE: Is import dead?

It's not dead. It's just pining for the fjords.


Lovely plumage 

Von: Christian Mogensen 17. Sep 2019

RE: Is import dead?

OK, thank you, we will report that to the customer that needs the functionallity.

Von: Martin K. Andersen 18. Sep 2019

RE: Is import dead?

We're looking at adding APIs for bulk upsert to tables (custom and standard tables).

The fancy importer engine in windows admin which supports import across multiple tables per row is not going to be re-implemented for the web unfortunately.

Von: Christian Mogensen 19. Sep 2019