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Strange behavior of SuperOffice using custom quote connector


We have deployed a custom quote connector for one of our Online customers.

The custom quote connector works fine functionally, but SuperOffice exhibits strange behavior adding products. When we add a new product in the quote dialog then SuperOffice first displays the previous product in read for a few seconds before it shows the chosen product.

In the video you can watch the behavior users complain about.

1. Open last product "Federspanner" in product list

2. Change some property

3. Click Save+New

4. Search for a new product, select "6KT.MUTTER"

==> Now SuperOffice displays the previous product "Federspanner" in red for a second or two before showing the correct product "6KT.MUTTER".

In the code I simply return the chosen product:

public QuoteLineInfo[] GetQuoteLinesFromProduct(QuoteAlternativeContextInfo context, string erpProductKey)
  List<QuoteLineInfo> result = new List<QuoteLineInfo>();
  ProductInfo productInfo = GetProduct(context, erpProductKey);
  QuoteLineInfo quoteLineInfo = new QuoteLineInfo();
  quoteLineInfo.ERPProductKey = productInfo.ERPProductKey;
  //... set all properties of quoteLineInfo as required
  return result.ToArray();

No other function is invoked, so there is no further chance to interfere with whatever SuperOffice does.

Any ideas?

RE: Strange behavior of SuperOffice using custom quote connector

HI Marc,

Thanks for the feedback and patience on this matter. We have tried to reproduce this on our test quote connectors, but were unsuccessful. 

Of the top of my head, when the dialog loads in this state the datahandler is obviously loading the "current" item while waiting for the results to return from the GetQuoteLinesFromProduct method. These certainly seems to be a lot of latency. Have your testing the network latency to rule that out?

On another note, your dialog has some significant differences compared to the standard product. Can you tell us why the Product Search textbox is out of position? Also, can you tell us why there are double lines below the total? This is not standard UI, and therefore leads us to suspect there are more customization to this installation than just a quote connector. If there are, could those customizations also be contributing to the decrease in loading performance?


Best regards.

Von: Tony Yates 28. Jan 2020

RE: Strange behavior of SuperOffice using custom quote connector

Hi Tony,

regarding latency I can only check from the customers server. There, tracert to online2.superoffice.com reveals 13 hops with a total of around 340 ms. While I do not know if this is relevant it appears to be less than latency I see from my PC (26 hops, 400 ms in total). I figure for the quote connector latency from data center towards crm.stoecklin.com might be more relevant.

As the SuperOffice installation is CRM Online we do not have any way to customize the font end. So what you see is standard SuperOffice CRM Online, including the strange position of the drop down and the double line. I try to change the number of pricelists, but that does not seem to affect the front end as well as the strange behaviour.

Best regards


Von: Marc Eberhard 13. Feb 2020

RE: Strange behavior of SuperOffice using custom quote connector

Hi Tony,

thanks for the hint https://community.superoffice.com/en/product-releases/bugs-wishes/product-issue/?bid=49108

With CanPerformComplexSearch = true (set in function CanProvideCapability) SuperOffice exhibits expected behavior adding products: the search box appears at the expected position, there is no more flickering, and display of the wrong product in red is gone.

Functionally, there is apparently no difference between CanPerformComplexSearch false or true. Using the same implemention of FindProduct I get the same list of products in the drop down element.

Best regards


Von: Marc Eberhard 8. Mai 2020