Automatically configuring WebTools en Maillink, credentials not taken over by Outlook


We have created a powershell script for customers that automatically configures SuperOffice WebTools and the Maillink.

For webtools we generate a .soconfig file with the following content:

	"WebsiteUrl": "$SuperOfficeWebUrl",
	"UserName": "",
	"CompanyName": "$SuperOfficeOwnerContactName",
	"MailClientName": "outlook"

For Maillink we call the SuperOffice.MailLink.ClientConfiguration.exe with the following command line flags:

-set PreferredClient SM_Web
-set SmUrl $SuperOfficeWebUrl/services/MailLinkService.svc
-set CsUrl $SuperOfficeServiceURL/scripts/soapTicket.exe
-register-user $PathToSoConfig

This all works correctly but the following happens when the user logs in for the first time:

1. WebTools is started with the .soconfig file

2. Credentials are asked and filled in

3. WebTools are now correctly configured

4. Start Outlook

5. Outlook loads the maillink

6. Maillink again asks for the SuperOffice credentials, not transferred by Webtools like what happens when you configure WebTools using the .soconfig file downloaded from SuperOffice.

Is there a way that we can automatically transfer these credentials so that the user only has to login once?

This happens on the latest WebTools & Maillink version.



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