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Setting a sale to 'Completed' using a user-defined list item

Hi everyone,

A client of ours would like to add a new sales stage called 'Dead'. The list item will basically mimic the built-in 'Lost' option. A desired behavior is the ability to set this new 'Dead' sale to 'Completed'.

During testing, however, it seemed impossible to set the 'Dead' sale with a probability of 0% to completed as the checkbox was disabled. Even if I change the Sale table field 'done' directly through SQL Server to 2 (which i assume means 'completed') I still could not get the completed box to check. I believe the completed value is 2 as this is what the value is when using the 'lost' status. I was considering a script for this but wanted to get some opinions as to whether it is even possibe to set a user-defined sale stage to completed.

Thank you,




RE: Setting a sale to 'Completed' using a user-defined list item


Did you find out anything about this? We also have a couple of requests like this now. 




Von: Frode Pettersen 21. Feb 2020

RE: Setting a sale to 'Completed' using a user-defined list item

From looking at the Win c++ code, I am afraid you are fighting a lost battle.
We try hard to make it impossible to complete if the status is not Sold (2) or Lost (3).
A new (dynamic) list item cannot assume these hard-coded values we use here and there.
(I suspect this would be designed differently today...)


Von: Conrad Weyns 22. Feb 2020