Subscription.html modifications


we would like to modify the subscription.html page. My first question is where are the default texts stored, are they in database? We may just need to modify the texts slightly and to change the default ones seems to be the easiest.

If there any description how the subscription.html file work? There are a few conditions displaying different text and we don't want to destroy the logic completly, rather to use it properly in our own design / layout.

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RE: Subscription.html modifications


we would also like to change text & layout of the HTML page that becomes visible whenever one of our e-Marketing recipients clicks onto his individual subscription management link for changing his/her e-marketing settings.


Besides slightly adjusting the pre-defined text of that page, we would like to add our corporate logo as well as contact information. The reason is, that it´s not obvious who´s responsible for that page. Recipients might get confused and don´t really grasp, for which company/portal they´re about to adjust their subscription settings.

It would be great if you could briefly outline the way to get there (SuperOffice Online).

Thanks, Andreas

Von: Andreas Niehörster 18. Mai 2020