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Complex SLA

Do we have any case where a customer has one or several complex SLA model(s)? We have a case where the prospect follows the ITSM model and have many different SLA models depending on their customers (type of errand, status, time of day, weekday, holiday etc) and need good reporting on this. So I am looking for examples on how to solve this.

RE: Complex SLA

Hi Patrick,

When facing customers with requirements for SLA which falls somewhat outside what is easily achieved with otb functions in Service, it is important to gather as much information as possible about expectations.
With Service you have access to a great toolbox where you can create Extra tables for SLA matrixes and/or expand on existing entities, and utilize CRMscript(triggers) to tie it together with business processes. 

Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 27. Jan 2020

RE: Complex SLA

Contact your closest SuperOffice Partner *cough* I-centrum * cough* :)

We have done this for multiple customers, both more simple setups, ie priority, deadline and such is determined by company information and date and weekends have speacial logic and so forth, to really advanced onces, where the SLA time only counts when the agent is in fact looking at the request, IE, when the agent switches to another webbrowser tab, we pause the SLA counter.
And of course, along with very detailed reports on top of all this.

So just let us know if you want some help


Von: Pär Pettersson 1. Feb 2020

RE: Complex SLA

Thanks Pär. But it was not really that type of SLA handling this customer was looking for. They could for the same customer have multiple SLA agreements depending on product/service and other factors. 

This case is unfortunately postponed.

Von: Patrik Larsson 3. Feb 2020

RE: Complex SLA


Done that as well, the earlier examples where just examples of the spans of SLA solutions we have created.

Von: Pär Pettersson 7. Feb 2020