how to get Name of Ticket Fields


with t.getValue("ticket_status") or t.getValue("ticketStatus") i get ID of Ticket Status. How to get its name of Status back? The same problem too to get name of Category, associatated Contact, Project, etc., not ID.

I know I can get it with SearchEngine, but I don't want to use too much object in crm scripts.


RE: how to get Name of Ticket Fields

Hi Jianchun,

I dont know what exactly you need to solve, but what I generally do when I need to get "Name" from entitites connected to Ticket is to run 1 SearchEngine to fetch those fields I need. As you know alot of attributes have their own classes, but this would again require you to load each entity and probably not so effective.


Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 24. Okt 2019

RE: how to get Name of Ticket Fields

Hi Michel,

Thanks. Yes, i must get it with SerachEngine.

Von: Jianchun You 24. Okt 2019