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Mailings - Programmatic automation using SpmXXX-classes / Pre set Step1-settings using URL-variables or post, etc


I'm investigating the possibilities to automate a mailings sendout.

* Onsite 7.5
* Planning to upgrade to latest Onsite 8.x (possibilities in this version are more important)

The customer is using a Outlook-template today that contains the below static settings for sending out alerts:
* Base body-template
* Recipients-list
* Subject
* All recipients in the BCC-field (very important that the can't see each other)
* Specific sender

They usually just change the basic information in the template before their sending it out.

I haven't gotten the information about the number of recipients, so that parameter is unknown as of right now.

Use Case:
How to implement something comparable or better using Service.

Possible solutions I'm thinking of:

1. Mailings-solution

  • Use script to programmatically use the SpmXXX-classes (SpmMessage, SpmShipment, etc) to create a Mailing that also sets all settings in the first step automatically. This to secure that no manual errors are made when setting receipients, subject, etc
  • Open up the mailing in edit mode, so the content can be changed before sending out
  • Unsure if everything that I'm looking for can be automated using these classes though, but hopefully
  • Have the advantage with mailings support for larger volumes of receipients
  • Is Mailings always using the field "TO:" instead of "BCC:", but always send each mail separately?
  • Meaning that it gives the same result with hiding the receipients emailaddresses from each other?
  • The goal is NOT to need to be forced to set all parts in the first step manually in Mailings as those are static parameters in their Outlook-template, so that would mean more work.

2. Request-solution

  • Use crmscript connected to a menu-option or something that programmatically creates a ticket with specific receipient, subject and adds a HTML-template and show it in edit mode.
  • Might not handle higher amounts of receipients-list
    • Anybody knows what the approximate limit could be, and what's the technical cause of the limitations?

3. Pure script-solution

  • Gives more or less the same possibilities as the Request-solution apart from that it isn't logged as a request, which might or might not be a desired side effect
  • No real verification that the mail have been sent as the Email.send()-function only returns Void and no return code. DOn't know if there is some kind of log that could be used?
  • Based on potential limitations in the number of receipients used, an architecture using a state-table which is looped over might be needed
    • Might also be needed in Online connected to script-timeouts

4. Pure script-solution + Mailgun-variant

  • Possible, but not my first choice. I would prefer to use standard functionality in first hand.

1. Anybody that have experience with working with the SpmXXX-classes and have some tips or tricks to share?
2. Any other thoughts?
3. Is it possible to set the values in the first step in Mailings (subject, sender, etc) using URL-variables or using a post?

RE: Mailings - Programmatic automation using SpmXXX-classes / Pre set Step1-settings using URL-variables or post, etc


if you dont need to track the email, then using Mailings seems like a bit much since its not that flexible.

Why not just create a screen, add inputs for subjects and so forth and add a editor where you load the template
Then you just parse the message before sendout and you have 100% controll of it


Von: Pär Pettersson 9. Sep 2019