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Problem User-defined List in CS


in CS, user-defined Listes are stored in Table extra-fields in a long String in feld params. I think this is very unluck to save list items in this way. We have reporting-apps by self to get monthly tickets Reports by each cost centre of Customer. The List of Cost Centry is a list-based feature of a Ticket names "Kostenstelle", to which customer should ticket be billed.

Now the Problem is, if later any item of List Kostenstelle changed or deleted, the items will not be updated in those Tickets which has this old Kostenstelle, then this make Reporting not correctly if we search Tickets by this Kostenstelle to create Bill to its customer.

Now it's time for me to consider to search alternative solution. in SO Sales Mode, all User-defined Lists are stored in Table UDList and each item has separated records and IDs. This is correct way to save List Items.Now the question is, how could I display user-defined Lists from Sales-Mode using in CS in Tickets Feature by Create/Edit Ticket?

Alternative, I store all List items in extraTables, then I must also create View to manager all list items (create, change, delete) for User. and transfer all existing Items in this Table;

Or does anyone has any other simple alternative for the User-defiend Lists in CS?


Many Thanks!

RE: Problem User-defined List in CS

The preferred way, in this scenario, is to create an ExtraTable in Service that contains your list items, and from the first table you add a Relation field. It just works, you don't need to create any custom screens.

Von: Frode Lillerud 30. Nov 2020

RE: Problem User-defined List in CS

Hi Frode,

Thanks for your response.

Yes, I have also thought about Relaton to extraTable to store all List items of Kostenstelle.

Just there is no Site to manager all Items of ExtraTable (Add, change, delete) for our User. I must create Screen to do that?



Von: Jianchun You 1. Dez 2020

RE: Problem User-defined List in CS


Does your user not have access to this menu entry under "Requests"?

You can also find more information in our documentation.

Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 1. Dez 2020

RE: Problem User-defined List in CS

Hi Michel,


sorry, yes they should have ths access, I just found this Under-Menu "Tables" right now, thanks for this Info.

Von: Jianchun You 1. Dez 2020