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Question about weighed assignment

If using weighted assignment for tre users 

User A: 5

User B: 2

User C: 3

TOT: 10

Then I have always assumend that the service automatically assigned them so that the where %-assigned so that of totally 10 Requests USER A would get 5 request, but not 5 in a row.

But I now realized that usings settings like this, then the service module will assign the 5 first tickets to USER A, then the next 2 to USER B, and then the next 3 to USER C.

It would be bether if the weighted assignment was something like, but I gues that is not possible by deafult settings?

USER A: 1,

USER C: 1,

USER A: 1 (2)


USER A: 1 (3)

USER C: 1 (2)

USER A: 1 (4)

USER B: 1 (2)

USER A: 1 (5)

USER C: 1 (3)

TOT: 10

Or can this be set?


RE: Question about weighed assignment


Currently this works as you have described and also noted in Help for weighted assignment.


Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 13. Dez 2019