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Suggested FAQ in new Customer Centre

In the previous version of the Customer Centre, suggestions on relevant FAQ posts would appear on the left side of the form for registrering a new ticket when you typed in words in the message field. We noticed that this is not happening in the new version and when checking the source file newTicket.html, the following code was found:

Uncommmented the actual code - no difference.

Changed the value for showFaq to 2 (as there are code further below looking for value 2 for this "variable") - no difference.

Have we missed something? Or is the functionality broken?

RE: Suggested FAQ in new Customer Centre

Hi Patrick,
With great change comes some compromise.
When revamping design of CC we changed general layout and removed sidepanel, which was used to display FAQ suggestions on registering new ticket. We also introduced option to use a custom form for registering new ticket, utilizing this would also impact possibility to perform searching against FAQ.
However function that performs searching for FAQ's when typing in message field on standard new ticket form is still available, and if you want to display results you need to edit source files for newTicket.html.
If I add this below field for message, it will display results;

<ul id="faqSearchResultList" class='hidden'></ul>
<div id='faqLoadingImg' class='hidden' style='text-align: center; margin-top: 17px;'> <img src='%WwwRoot%graphics/SevenCustomer/loading.gif' /></div>
Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 27. Jan 2020

RE: Suggested FAQ in new Customer Centre

Hi Michel,

I understand that is the case that compromises has to be made. It was just that we were talking to a prospect and was aware of this functionality and now it did not work. So we were unaware of it having been "removed" (so to speak).

Many thanks for the help!

Von: Patrik Larsson 27. Jan 2020