Need for two-way language translations

I just love the language detection and translation on the fly.

Two additional use cases I would like to see:

1) Replies with translations.

A German customers sends in a request. The Norwegian agent translates and understands. She does not know German. When she replies in Norwegian, the translation service kicks in and sends the response in German. The original language. This way companies with outsourced or remode multi language business, can be small and productive in many languages. Truly scalable.

2) Translating all messages in a thread.

When all messages and and replies in the thread should be possible to translate. Not only the initial request. This is especially important when other people look into requests.

Any views on this?

RE: Need for two-way language translations


Thanks for giving inputs on additional use cases.

1. I would expect that when it comes out outbound communication it would be preferable with some basic knowledge on source language. While you could be alittle more forgiving about grammatically or contextual incorrectness when reading communication within SuperOffice, I suspect that sending communication to customers without some sort of verification is a bit more sketchy?

2. I assume that what you expect is possibility to translate all messages on a request, currently it is only performing language detection on messages originating from outside the application. This is already registered as a wish for improvements.


Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 11. Mrz 2021

RE: Need for two-way language translations



I think that having the translation functionality in the customer portal would be great, also for FAQ's.


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Von: Ole Ejlersen 9. Apr 2021