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    Once your mailing is sent, it’s always exciting to see how well your mailing has performed. You can see how all your hard work is paying off.

    At the same time you will be confronted with the quality of the information in your database. The number of bounced emails is the key indicator here. And this is a positive thing. As it means you have an opportunity to make sure you have the correct email address saved for every contact in your database and improve your data quality. This will improve the success rate for future mailings.

    Analyze your statistics

    If you aren’t able to track and measure your mailing results, what’s the use of sending one? By tracking the results of your mailing you can find out which links, articles, and content work best to engage and interest your recipients. This information will give you valuable insight on what generated the best results. You can learn how to improve your future mailings. You can also use the results of different mailings to determine the best time for sending.

    SuperOffice Marketing measures the effect of your mailing immediately. You’ll see who and how many received and opened the email, click-through rates for links, and which emails have bounced.

    How to analyze your statistics

    Handling bounced emails

    Another important part of email marketing is handling bounced emails and updating your address lists. A lot of companies struggle to send the right information to the right people simply because they don’t keep their database details up to date. It is really important to update your contact information after completing a mailing to ensure the success of future mailings.

    5 Reasons you should keep your database up to date

    Here are five reasons you should update your contact information:

    • A good quality database will reduce cost by preventing you from wasting marketing resources on adjusting incorrect contact details
    • Employees come and go, however, the customer data will always remain in your database
    • Bad input makes bad output, clean data can improve click-through rates (CTR) and results of your mailings
    • Sending the right information to the people that are interested will build your brand's value as well as - preserve and improve your company’s good name. When you send irrelevant information to a recipient too many times, you can end up on their banned list
    • Improve profits through more accurate targeting of sales prospects in future mailings

    SuperOffice Marketing helps you define what you should do for the various return statuses. By filtering your recipients' list, you ensure that your target lists are up to date for future mailings.

    How to handle bounced emails

    How to update your address list

    To ensure good data quality make sure all users of SuperOffice follow the same guidelines when it comes to adding and changing contact details. We can recommend making this part of your routine guide.