How to handle bounced emails

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    The handling of returned or bounced emails is very important. Bounces show that you need to update your email address lists to ensure the success of future mailings. Change of jobs, spelling mistakes, change of Internet subscription and temporary faults in customer infrastructure are typical reasons why messages bounce.

    Email delivery status

    SuperOffice Marketing helps you define the actions, which should be carried out for the various return cases. For example, when an email to a specific recipient can´t be delivered temporarily, the system will try to send the message several times.

    When an email cannot be delivered permanently, you have to delete the email address and deactivate the recipient from the list for the mailing you are currently working on.

    After the mailing is completed, you can filter the list of recipients by looking at the recipient mailing status. You can select all recipients who have opened the mailing for example, by setting up the filter on Opened. SuperOffice will now show all recipients that have opened your mailing.

    When you have filtered out the recipients that have the bounced status, you can add them to a selection or a project. You can use this selection or project to change and/or delete any email addresses that aren’t correct.

    Learn how to work with your recipient list after the mailing

    Filter your recipients list

    Use the filter buttons; Sent, Bounced and Opened to filter you recipients list.