Create and send your mailing

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    In this step you will learn how to create and send your first mailing in 5 simple steps. You will learn all you need to know, to send your mailing with the layout and content you want to use.

    The 5 steps to follow to learn how you can send your first mailing.

    Does your version of SuperOffice CRM look different from this video? That's because this video shows SuperOffice CRM in version 8. But don't worry - all the steps shown in this video are exactly the same in SuperOffice CRM version 9.

    Setup: Create your mailing

    We will help you register your next mailing. Where to add your subject line, where to save it, and how to use Google Analytics.

    How to create a mailing

    Template: Choose your mailing template

    Surveys show that graphically presented messages are more effective than mailings without images. People like them. So to make your mailing a success, make sure to add images and make sure you use a nice template. We have 16 templates for you to choose from. But you can also add your own customized mailing template to your mailing.

    How to select a template

    Content: Add your content, images, and links

    Now it’s time to add your message into your mailing. We will show you how you can add your text, images, and template variables. Template variables will make your mailing more personal. You can use a contact’s first name for example.

    You will also learn how to add a link and how you can track it. This way you can find out what your recipients are interested in.

    Before you actually send out your mailing, it’s good to test your mailing. To make sure you are 100% happy with the final version we will show you how you can send the mailing to yourself.

    How to add content, images, and links

    Recipients: Add your target list to your mailing

    During your preparation, you already narrowed down who you want to send your mailing to. All you have to do now is to add all recipients. And we will show you how you can add them.

    How to add your target list

    Confirm: Send or schedule your mailing

    Do you want to send your mailing straight away or do you want to schedule your mailing to send it on a specific date and time? Take your pick and your first mailing is done.

    How to send your mailing