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Setup: Create your mailing

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    When you have created a selection of recipients and your content for the mailing, your are ready to create your mailing in SuperOffice. If you are unsure whether you have completed all necessary preparations, you can check out the Preparation section.

    When you create a mailing it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

    • What subject line do you want to use?
    • Do you want to add an attachment?
    • Where will you archive your mailing?

    Your subject line will affect the opening rates of your mailing. People will determine whether they are going to open and read your email based on your subject line. So make sure it stands out.

    Tip: Personalize your subject line by inserting the recipient's name with a template variable. How to use template variables 

    Make it easy for you to find your mailing in SuperOffice by archiving it in the right place. You can save it in the correct folder inside mailing. But you can also save it on a selection or project. This way you can always see what mailing is connected to your selections and projects.

    Google Analytics

    If you use Google Analytics to analyse behavior on your homepage and landing sites, you can connect your Google Analytics to your mailing.

    Learn how to connect to Google Analytics

    Learn how to create a new mailing

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