Plan your next activity with Pipeline Management

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    In sales, it's easy to only think about selling right now. And to not think about next week, let alone next month. We know it’s important to close enough sales right now. But to reach your sales goals over a long period you need to maintain a healthy pipeline.

    SuperOffice pipeline management will help you to stay on top of things. You can focus on the sales opportunities that are ready for closing right now. And you can look ahead to make sure you have enough sales opportunities for the coming months.

    With SuperOffice pipeline management you can forecast your sales, and you will know what activities to complete to reach your goals.

    Pipeline management

    Use SuperOffice pipeline management to forecast your sales! You'll be able to improve your sales for this period and the rest of the year.

    • As a sales rep, you can see whether you have enough ongoing sales opportunities to reach budget. When this isn’t the case, you'll learn how you can reach your goals. With SuperOffice you can see what sales activities you have to start to create enough new sales opportunities to fill up your pipeline
    • As a sales manager, you will be able to see how your team is performing. You can help your team to focus on the right type of activities to reach their individual budget as well as the team budget for the coming period.

    We will show you the basic steps of pipeline management and how it can save you time and increase your sales.

    Start your first sales meeting of the month by looking ahead. What do you have in your pipeline for this month and the next two months? This way you will stay ahead of the game and always know what activities to plan to reach your sales target.

    Your personal sales dashboard

    Dashboard will visualize your CRM data with graphs and lists which you can use to measure your work. Dashboards are ideal for sales reps and managers alike. You can get an overview of your individual work or your team performance.

    Your personal dashboard with 4 sales graphs (screenshot)

    You can pick from over 48 ready-made graphs to evaluate your work. You'll get a snapshot of activity levels, customer segments, product statistics, project details, and sales. You can also create your own graphs based on your selections.

    We are certain that the dashboard will help you to focus on the right tasks to improve your performance and sales results.

    Visualize your sales data with dashboard

    Use reports forecasting your sales

    Are you more old school and do you want your forecast on paper? Getting an overview of your pipeline is easy with SuperOffice. You can print out a detailed report. The SuperOffice Reports module comes with 9 sales reports that are ready for use. All you have to do is find the report you want to use and press Preview.

    How to forecast and make prognoses 

    Use selections as your pipeline

    Using selections is also a way to follow up on your sales and to work with your forecast. The advantage of a selection is that you can use it directly inside the sale module. You can use the mini panel to show the content of your selection. Or you can use the selection to get a graphical overview on your dashboard. You will have an overview of your pipeline, while you update and look at the individual sales at the same time.

    Do you want a graphical overview of your pipeline? Create a graph from the Charts tab inside your selection.

    How to prioritize the right sales with selections