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How to forecast and make prognoses

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    A sales forecast creates a picture of what your sales will be like in a specific period of time. This period of time can vary from a week to a month or a quarter.

    Forecast your sales

    A forecast will show you the value of all the sales opportunities that you are potentially able to close in the period of choice. It will look for open sales in later sales stages with decision dates within the timeframe of your choice. The report calculates the value of those opportunities. It will calculate the total value of all opportunities combined, but it will also give you a weighted average total based on the probability percentage that is connected to each sale. Every sales stage has its own percentage.

    A forecast is important for sale people but can also be used by management and the financial department for example. In this case your forecast will be used as a prognosis tool.  
    To make sure your company has enough cash flow to pay any incoming invoices, it can be very interesting for them to know that enough sales will be invoiced to cover the costs.

    Learn how to forecast your sales

    To access your forecast, you can use the Report function in SuperOffice CRM. Reports use predefined criteria to calculate results, and then present them in an easily formatted pdf.

    1. Looking for a forecast report? Open the Report module and select the Sale tab at the top. You can now choose the report you wish to use. Take your pick from the following availible reports: Actual sales, Projected sales or Sales with profit.
    2. Press Preview to open your report as a dowloaded pdf or press save to save your report in SuperOffice. Double click the report to open it.
    3. You can easily change the criteria your report will be based on, such as the timeframe. Just double click on the criteria you want to change and adjust the value by changing the date to next month for example.

    Find out whether you can use the predefined sales reports just as they are.

    overview of all sales reports

    Within reports you can find a wide range of pre-set sales reports, ready to use. Go to Reports, click on the sales tab en find the report you wish to use.

    The result is a realistic forecast of your sales, based on the sales that you have registered.