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How to use selections to forecast sales

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    Among the many useful features in your CRM system, there is a very flexible and powerful tool that we are sure that you will find useful – namely selections.

    Use the selection you want

    With selections you can make any selection you wish to make. You decide what your report has to contain and how to build it up.

    The benefit of selection compared to the sales secretary and the standard reports is that you as the user have full control over the sales overview you want to create. Create a dynamic selection of your active sales this month or week, or your customers on your newsletter opt-in list. Everything is possible and any field inside SuperOffice can be used to make the selection you need.

    Use a pre-set selection to start with

    To help you get started and to give you an idea of the possibilities, we have added a few very useful selections to SuperOffice already. They are ready for you to use. You can find them, click on selection, and type in 'Sales'. SuperOffice will now show you the list with all pre-set sales selections.

    overview of all sales selections

    Search for Sales when clicking on Selection.


    You will find overviews showing your sales opportunities ready for closing this month, as well as your pipeline for the next few months. You can also use the selection of forgotten sales to follow up on sales that haven’t been followed up recently. And you can get a full overview of sales closed to make sure you are on your way to reach your budget.

    Learn how to use selections for sales:

    1. Click on +New and choose to make a new selection. Give your selection a suitable and easy to find name.

    Use the +New button to create a new selection

    2. Go to: Selection of and choose Sales, then go to: Selection is and choose Dynamic

    When making selections for reporting, it is best to create dynamic selections, which will present the latest, updated information every time you open it, like a saved search in your database. Then new prospects or customers in the database will be automatically added to your selection. 

    Click Save to save your selection. register a selection

    3. Click Add to select your criteria. A new menu will appear where you can choose the module you want to use to add your criteria. Make sure you remember in what module you can find the field you want to use to make your selection. If you want to use the sales amount for example, you have to search in the Sales module.

    how to add a criteria to your selection

    4. Click on the small triangle next to Field

    As you can see in the picture you can now choose Sale. Click on Sale to find the field you wish to add as criteria. In this example we will choose Sale: Amount

    choose the field you wish to use as your criteria 5. Now we can add the value of your criteria that has to be met in order to show up in your selection. 

    Depending on the field you choose you have different options. Dates will give you the option to choose: this week, next week, last week etc. When the field contains numbers you can choose: is equal, larger than, smaller than etc.

    When you add selection criteria they will save automatically.

    here you can add the value of your criteriaTo add more criteria just repeat this procedure and add additional criteria’s.

    6. Now press Refresh to get an overview of the content of your selection. If you want, you can easily export the result of your selection to Excel.

    Example of a selection showing open sales this year that are larger than $5.000.