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    Do you ever waste time on finding and correcting proposals you have sent to prospects or customers? There should be an easier way to send your proposals. Without having to write all customer details into every proposal. Don’t waste time trying to find a proposal. Make sure you have access to all proposals, both yours and the ones your colleagues have created.

    Save time writing your proposal

    We will help you save time when writing and searching for your proposal. Everyone in your company can use the same unified template documents.

    SuperOffice supports two ways of writing your proposals. Both will save you time and help prevent errors. You can use document templates, or you can use the SuperOffice Quote module.

    Document templates

    Take a second to think about all the standard documents you use on a daily basis. You are probably already using document templates to write proposals and other documents. You can create these documents as a template inside SuperOffice.

    SuperOffice will then add all customer details from the customer card to your document the moment you create it. This way you can save time and prevent errors. All you and your colleagues have to do is to keep all customer details up to date.

    Once created, SuperOffice automatically saves your proposal on the customer card. This way it is easy to find for everybody within your organization. You won't have to waste time anymore when you are searching for the proposal. When you want to review or discuss it with your customer for example.

    Using a document template is suitable for almost every company. A proposal is just one example. You can also use a document template to send order confirmations. Or perhaps you need to send a customer your company's terms and conditions of a contract.

    Your administrator can add the document templates to SuperOffice.

    How to use a document template

    Do you see the benefit of having your document templates in SuperOffice? You can invite your administrator to your next sales meeting. Together you can agree on which templates you want to add to SuperOffice. You can use this opportunity to update up your document templates.

    The Quote module

    Have you ever been in the situation where you sent out a quotation with the wrong prices because you made a calculation mistake? Do you sometimes forget to follow up on a big order, because you forgot to register a follow-up activity? Then SuperOffice Quote is perfect for you.

    An example of a quote proposal (screenshot)

    The Quote module with products added, ready to be sent to a customer.

    Once products and services are set up in Quote, writing your quotation will be easy. When you add products to your proposal, the descriptions and prices are automatically included. And SuperOffice will update the total amount of your quote automatically.

    Quote can handle multiple currencies and multiple price lists, including subscription prices. With Quote it's easy to make a proposal. You can make different versions of your proposal. It’s not uncommon to offer a buy and a rental proposal for example.

    Optimize your profit margins by using the predefined discount and approval rules. Sales people will get notified when discount limits are reached. The sales rep will then have to ask for approval before they can send out the order proposal.

    How to create a Quote

    Once you have sent out the proposal, it is important to follow up on the customer. The Quote module comes with automated follow up reminders. So you will never forget to follow up on your proposal.

    How to send a Quote

    When you get the ok from the customer you can use the built-in order confirmation to send it to the customer. Quote sends order confirmations to customers in PDF form. This way you are sure your company's terms and conditions cannot be altered.

    How to create an order in Quote

    You no longer have to spend time reporting your sales forecasts. When you use SuperOffice Quote, your forecast is updated with the latest quote details automatically. Your pipeline will always be up to date.