How to tag customer service requests

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    You can use tags to search for and group customer service requests based on the criteria they have in common. The advantage of using tags is that you can search for requests using multiple tags. Whereas, a single request can only have one category.

    You can see all available tags by opening the Tags drop-down menu. SuperOffice will then show you a list of tags that match your description.

    See how you can tag a customer service request

    In SuperOffice Service, you can tag every request with one or more labels. Tagging requests will make it easier to group and find them.

    How to tag customer service requests

    1. Open a request.
    2. The tag field is available at the top of your request, right underneath the Owner. Click on the drop-down button just behind Tags
    3. You will see a drop-down list with all the tags that are available.  
    4. Click on the tag you wish to use to add it.
    5. Repeat these steps if you want to add multiple tags.

    How to create a new customer service request tag

    Your administrator can give you the functional rights to Create new Tags directly.  This means you can add new tags inside SuperOffice Service when you need them.

    Click behind the tag field and type the name of the tag you wish to add. If the tag doesn't exist, you'll see the option to create a new tag, and SuperOffice will ask you if you want to create it. 

    you can add new tags if the one you wish to use does not exist yet