Learn the essentials of Standard CRM

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    SuperOffice Standard CRM is the heart of SuperOffice. It helps your business capture all customer details and interactions in one place. This means all users in your company can get a total overview of each customer at any time.

    It's a good idea to take a look at all the steps involved in getting started. Getting to know SuperOffice Standard CRM is fundamental to achieving your goals with CRM.

    Here we have a guide, which covers the basic functionality in SuperOffice. Go through it, and you will be able to:

    Add companies and contacts

    Every piece of information you save in SuperOffice CRM is connected to the Company card. This is why it’s very important to save all your companies, contacts and their details in the system.

    You can add your companies and contacts either manually one by one, or you can import them in a bulk from other systems.

    Why adding companies and contacts to CRM is so important

    Connect your email

    A large part of your communication with your business relations happens by email. To make it easy to send and share your emails with your colleague's, we recommend you to connect your email to SuperOffice.

    When you email is connected, you can open a new email from inside SuperOffice, with just a click of your mouse. You can save all important incoming emails on the customer card. Where everybody has access to them.

    Get your email connected to SuperOffice

    Connect activities to contacts, projects and sales

    In your busy everyday life, it's important to keep track of all your appointments and your to-do list. Your SuperOffice diary will be your personal secretary. Reminding you of all your appointments. Making sure you are never late!

    But, this is not where it stops. By using your SuperOffice diary you will also build up valuable customer history. Making it easy to see when you last spoke to a certain contact and what you discussed. So stop using your current calendar, let SuperOffice remember all important communication.

    See how to register your activities in your SuperOffice diary

    Create and send documents

    To save time and avoid errors, many companies use standard documents based on templates. Think about your company's terms and conditions, sales proposals, order confirmations, and other contracts. With SuperOffice, it will be easy to create and update this kind of documents and to send them to your contacts.

    Manage your documents

    Create the overview you need, use selections

    We can imagine that at one point you need an overview of either your customers, sales or activities. The selection module is a great tool to create this overview in a quick and easy way. Giving you the insight on the company data you need.

    Create selections for further action

    Create and send mailings

    The easiest way to contact somebody is still to send them an email. With mailings, you can send a personal email to one or many customers. By using one of the 16 available templates your email will look fresh and professional. All you have to do is to add your own text and images. Get started now!

    Send a mailing

    Manage projects and related files and activities

    Break your projects down into manageable units. You can create milestones, task lists, and tasks. Make it easy to collaborate with your colleagues. This way you are always in control of your project. You'll never miss another deadline.

    Projects are also the ideal place to save and gather important information such as documents, mailing campaigns and much more.

    Organize your files and activities in projects

    Quick insight and easy reporting with the dashboard

    Don't like making reports? SuperOffice Dashboard will give you the quick and easy status overview you need. Get a snapshot of your activity levels, customer segments, sales performances, and project details.

    A dashboard will help you focus on the right tasks to improve your performance and sales results.

    Visualize data with your dashboard

    Use SuperOffice on your mobile or tablet

    If you are on the road, it should be easy to access your customer details and diary. With the app Pocket CRM, you can access your entire CRM system directly from your mobile device.

    Access your CRM on your mobile or tablet

    Extra training – online e-learning course

    Besides this guide, we offer an e-learning course about the most used functions. The online training uses videos and pictures so you can see how to perform different actions, and a narrator will guide you through it all. You will also find written manuals.

    All users of SuperOffice CRM Online can access e-learning inside the system.

    1. Log in to your system and go to Help in the main menu in the top right corner
    2. Select eLearning, then a new window will open.
    3. Choose a topic from the menu on the left
    4. Complete as many steps as you like, or return later

    If you are an on-premises customer (not using SuperOffice CRM Online) and want to use eLearning, you need a license. Please contact us.