Zapier Competition - Final call!

Last call for the Zapier Competition!

We invited all SuperOffice and partner consultants to participate in this a fun little competition before the summer.
As the deadline for entry was pushed to September 15th - you're still able to enter and win a cool gadget:

  • The winner will win a Remarkable2 tablet (or a new ipad if this is preferred).
  • The runner up receives a Euro 200 gift card from

And of course the honor and recognition from all entries used to create new zaps.

Your entry needs to be submitted by tomorrow!

Read more in the blog post.


RE: Zapier Competition - Final call!

Hi. Frode

I am trying to upload some pictures. But the form does not accept png, jpg or pdf.

What format do the pictures / video need to be

Von: Filip Witzell 14. Sep 2020

RE: Zapier Competition - Final call!

Can confirm: Form is b0rked.

Von: Christian Mogensen 14. Sep 2020

RE: Zapier Competition - Final call!

Yes you're correct - the form does not accept  jpg or pdf. I've added .png.

Von: Frode Berntsen 15. Sep 2020