9.2 R10 OnSite release


The release of 9.2 R10 for Onsite was planned for yesterday, but I see not release downloads are available.

Any indication when it is going to be available?

Kind regards,


RE: 9.2 R10 OnSite release

No R10 release? Would like a working release for OnSite with the merge files issues fixed!

Von: David Hollegien 25. Jun 2021

RE: 9.2 R10 OnSite release

Hi David, 

As a quality insurance, we to not ship Onsite releases until the version has been running in Online for a week. Since we are a bit behind on that Online release, The download is postponed. Best case is that we will release it on Friday 2nd July.

This is also a bit risky since most of RnD are away on vacation in July.... If something really nasty turns up after the release, we might be unable to address this imediatly...

What´s you advice? July 2nd or August 3rd?





Von: Erik Eide 25. Jun 2021

RE: 9.2 R10 OnSite release

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your response, I would suggest July 2nd since the last release already has an issue with custom merge files with makes it not usable.

Ofcourse I don't know the exact changes in R10 and can't asses their impact.

Note: the release calendar does still show R10 being released to OmSite and Online this week (wiith only a day between Online and OnSite release)

Von: David Hollegien 25. Jun 2021