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9.2 R7 OnSite release


The release of 9.2 R7 for Onsite is planned for today, and indication what time today that is going to be?

And please also refresh the SDK documentation & NuGet packages for the latest release.


Kind regards,


RE: 9.2 R7 OnSite release

I guess no OnSite release today....

Von: David Hollegien 14. Apr 2021

RE: 9.2 R7 OnSite release

Release date has been changed to today, hopefully that will be true this time! :)

Von: David Hollegien 16. Apr 2021

RE: 9.2 R7 OnSite release

Hi David,

We are in a bit of a pickle at the moment... We have recently moved the complete build infrastructure for a majority of our software off premise. Unfortunately the SDK documentation generation didn't make the move. I am sorry for that, but there have been other priorities that I think long term will prove to me worth the wait.

As long as the latest release build isn't flagged for retraction again, the nuget packages will be published accordingly.

Best regards.


Von: Tony Yates 16. Apr 2021

RE: 9.2 R7 OnSite release

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your response, hopefully the SDK documentation generation infrastructure will be moved/recreated soon! We use it daily so a updated version

I do hope that the infrastructure for generating and publishing a new OnSite release did make the move!


Von: David Hollegien 16. Apr 2021