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Disable logging to crm7.webappusage?


is there a way to disable the logging to crm7.webappusage table?

We have a case where the Service-log is filling up with a lot of errors from customer.exe, where it complains about not being able to insert rows into crm7.webappusage because assocId is NULL. I assume it is because customer.exe?action=safeParse is being executed in the context of the "(system)" ejuser, and it doesn't have a corresponding associate.

I've tried setting LogToSuperOffice = false in web.config, but that didn't make any difference.


RE: Disable logging to crm7.webappusage?


Pretty sure you can't disable this, you can disable the data to be send to SuperOffice but not the aggegration/collection of the data locally.

Von: David Hollegien 20. Jan 2020