Incident 03.11.2014

Today some users have experienced login problems. The problem started at 10:30. For most affected users, the problem was solved immediately. For others the problem was solved at 15:50.

We apologize for the inconvenience. All systems are now up and running.

RE: Incident 03.11.2014

we have customers not able to log in today also 04.11.14

Von: Thomas Roesen 4. Nov 2014

RE: Incident 03.11.2014


We have one customer that had an issue today also, this has now been fixed.



Christian Heldal-Lund

Von: Christian Heldal-Lund 4. Nov 2014

RE: Incident 03.11.2014

Hello Thomas. Thanks for your concern and for posting your question here.

Please note that the best way of reporting issues for certain customers, is through our support center on

This way we can help the customers in the fastest possible way.

Von: Hans Chr. Grønsleth 4. Nov 2014