API Authentification: Server - Server

Hi Experts!

We want to create a webservice (Node JS), which gives us specific data from our SuperOffice Client. So, we registrated an application by filling out the webform.

We don't want, that the user have to sign in to our SuperOffice Client, so that we clicked on the radio button "Server to server with system user".

After then, we got an email with information of our application. Client_id, client_secret_id and private key.

Now, we don't know how we consume the web api of Super Office.

When we call the following request we get the loggin screen. Unfortunatly the user have to sign in. Perhaps, it is not the correct url. (from here) - We tried to sign in with Administration User, but it doesn't work. Maybe it is correct?!




Our Questions are:

How do we authentificate our application with Super Office? 

How do we find our system user or system token?

Do you have a documentation of this process?


Many Thanks!


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