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Exploring the new tags functionality

I was testing the new tags functionality in our Online test environment, and noticed some issues.

I assumed this scenario: After using tags for a period of time, create a selection of tagged tickets and see which tag is used most to be able to see which areas the customer service department is being contacted for.

Issue 1: Being able to view all tickets having a tag

You can have tickets without tags, tickets with 1 tag, and tickets with multiple tags. Let's say you want to see all tickets having one or more tags.

As far as I can tell, it's not possible to search for anything else than 1 tag at a time. Adding 2 tags in the search criteria will only give results of tickets containing both tags. 

Issue 2: Piechart diagram does not show what the tag is, shows only the ID

I listed all tickets as diagram per tags, and recieved this view:


Issue 3: The pie chart not showing the correct number of tickets not having a tag.
I have tagged 3 tickets out of 60+ tickets total. According to the view, there is only 1 untagged ticket, which is wrong:

Issue 4: Not being able to view tagged tickets in drilldown

When you choose one of the tags to view related tickets on the right pane, you end up with this error message:


Has anyone else explored the tags functionality, are these findings bug related?

RE: Exploring the new tags functionality


Thanks for your feedback!

We are aware of the reporting/drilldown issues. They will be adressed shortly.

We do not support searching for requests having one more more tags (not specified which ones), but only for the requests having a specified set of tags. E.g. all requests with "pizza" or all requests with "pizza" and "beer". We believe this is sufficient. Searching for all requests having any tag specified is probably not a common case.


Von: Sverre Hjelm 23. Mai 2019

RE: Exploring the new tags functionality

You can search for requests containing on or the other tag by using "OR", like this:

Von: Stian Andre Olsen 23. Mai 2019

RE: Exploring the new tags functionality

Any news on this issue?

Sverre mentioned "We are aware of the reporting/drill down issues. They will be addressed shortly." Still, the reporting capabilities are the same as Serkan mentioned.

Von: Jan Verlaan 4. Jun 2020

RE: Exploring the new tags functionality


The reporting and drilldown has been fixed some months ago. I don't remember the exact version.

Note: The reporting is a bit special, due to how tags work. A ticket that has two tags, will contribute to both pies. Drilldown will show tickets having the chosen tag, but can also have other tags.

As for the searching, there will soon come a change where you can choose between "one of the tags" or "all of the tags" as operators.



Von: Sverre Hjelm 5. Jun 2020