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Hide/show reply buttons on request

To avoid our consultans to push the buttons "reply" or "reply all" (in cases where the customer will get no notification or answer from us), we would like to have the opportunity to hide/show these buttons on each ticket/request. We only use the "Add Comment" in these cases. We have got the expander licens, but I am not quite sure how to do this. Will it need any macros etc.? I am not familiar with this at the moment. I have played around with adding new tables and fields without any problems, but this seem to be a step further ;)

Thanks in advance

RE: Hide/show reply buttons on request

Hi Tue,

Thanks for your request. Unfortunately I don't have the answer, but I'm also interested in the solution SuperOffice may provide to you. 

I raised a similar topic some months ago more or less with the same objective.


Empty recipient field on message screen



Von: Clodoaldo Do Prado 8. Okt 2020

RE: Hide/show reply buttons on request


We have some options to hide "Quick reply" -buttons from screen;

Option 1: 
Disable them by setting registry.reg_id = 335 to value = 2 

Option 2:
* Create copy of View Ticket 80
* Disable them by editing screen element "Messages" in Screen to include blockQuickReply = true in simple values.
* Update screenchooser to point you your screen

Both these options will be simply toggle off in all cases if you prefer a more case by case approach, I suggest looking into solution provided here.

Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 8. Okt 2020