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Maximum value for reg_id 330 (Customer portal link expiration) - or disable expiration completely?



I tried to change the value of reg_id 330 to 8928, in order to have the link for the customer portal not expire for 2 months. But it does not work, it tells me the link has expired instantly after generating it - so i tried 144 which is 24 hours, and i got the same result. Tried 0 to see if that would turn expiration off, but no, instant expiration. So i set it back to 3, and now it expires after 30 minutes - just where i started.


- so the question is - what is the maximum value of reg_id = 330, and are there any way i can disable expiration completely for these links?


Can I ask how you are generating this link?

During my testing I am able to set this value to 8928 and link added to automatic reply are valid and working for me. Not sure it is a good idea to allow these links to have such a long lifetime.

Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 15. Apr 2021

A quick follow up on this, according to support this is actually a bug, so i have created a workaround with a simple crmscript displaying a ticket using a unique id generated for each ticket, that is then added to the mail.


So we are waiting for a fix :)

Von: Dennis Mortensgaard 11. Mai 2021

Hi Dennis,

Could you please elaborate more about issues you are facing with these links? During our testing I am not able to reproduce your error. 

Note that when changing this registry value you have to run "Flush cache" from action=debug for it to take affect. And of course it will not affect already sent links, but only new ones.

We have this  bug which is somewhat related.

Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 11. Mai 2021