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Tickets Owner ID 1



I see in the Table Tickets, all unsigned Tickets has owned_by 1.

But if i see the Table ejuser, the User ID 1 belongs to our one certain User.

How to make difference with both, if we allocate new Tickets to this User?



RE: Tickets Owner ID 1


Not sure how your entry in ejuser looks, but unless something very strange has happened ejuser with id = 1 should be (System) and not any "real user".



Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 17. Feb 2020

RE: Tickets Owner ID 1



Main scenario mentioned in this FAQ can explain this behaviour.


on the bottom of this FAQ can you also find an SQL query that can help you. 




Von: Donatas Sasnauskas 17. Feb 2020

RE: Tickets Owner ID 1

Hi Donatas,

Thanks for your Information!

I don't now how ejUser ID = 1 for <Real User> by us happened, 

but if i look our other SO Cloud Tenants, there are correctly ejUser ID = 1 for (System) in the Table.

and I cannot diable Service to that Real User, it says the User has open or postponed Tickets, the License cannot be removed.

I can change all Tickets Owner of that real user to other ejuser where ejuserID = 1 with SearchEngine, since it is still test system. But I cannot re-create a system User via SearchEngine from my side, it is in SO Cloud.

I will ask our Support in Germany to proceed that with SQL Scripts.


Von: Jianchun You 17. Feb 2020