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Upgrade.exe 8.5R09 - No such file or directory


I am trying to upgrade a service installation from 8.2R06 to 8.5R09. Everything runs as it should until I need to upgrade service.

I have moved service from server A to server B, along with the rest of SuperOffice, including the database. I have done the following.

  • Installed CRM server, Netserver, Web and Service on the new server from scratch with a trial serial number.
  • Gone through ejtermsetup against the new blank database.
  • Configured both netserver and web.

Everything works fine when running towards the blank database. I then proceed to do these steps:

  • Import the database from the old server and run upgrade from dbsetup.exe
  • Go thorugh and verify the soappconfig.exe for both web and netserver.
  • Change paths in the config & registry tables to match the new locations on the new server.
  • Update the ejsysuser password to match whats in the service config file.
  • Copy attachments folder from old server.

Once I have completed the above steps I run upgrade.exe. After it connects to netserver I'm getting this error after "Updating wsdl descriptions":

"FHFile::FileException: fopen("E:\SuperOffice\Service\attachments/folder.000000/attachment.000041", "wb" + failed, errno=No such file or directory; cwd=D:\SuperOffice\Service\bin"

Now this seems pretty straight forward, it's looking for the attachments on the old drive from the old server, E:. I proceed to check the config table, however the path for attachments there is correct for the new server. It is also looking for attachment 000041 which does not exist in the attachment table nor in the attachment folder.

I've checked the sequence table against the attachment table as well, however these seem fine. Registry key is also OK. Folder rights should also be in place. The old database is set offline, and the old iis is stopped for good measure. Also had a look in the userpref table.

Interesting to note is that for each time I run upgrade.exe it looks for an attachment with +1 higher number then last time. It also adds a new record in the attachment table for adminservice.wsdl.

Anyone seen this? Am I missing something obvious here? I can't find the E: reference anywhere..


RE: Upgrade.exe 8.5R09 - No such file or directory

For OnSite installations we have introduced a new feature allowing for splitting attachments in multiple locations. The locations are in the table attachment_location, which is referenced by each attachment. Update this location, and you should be good to go.


Von: Sverre Hjelm 29. Jan 2020

RE: Upgrade.exe 8.5R09 - No such file or directory

Found it. Seems like a new table has been added, attachment_location. There was still a reference here to the E: drive. When was this table added and is the reference in the config table to the attachment_path now irrelevant?

Von: Marius Gabrielsen 29. Jan 2020

RE: Upgrade.exe 8.5R09 - No such file or directory

Here is what I got as this is something we requested:

Function to allow for splitting of attachments over multiple locations

Short description of how it will work and limitations;

  • Added a new table (attachment_location) where customer can add new attachment location, last entry will be considered as current path.
  • Added new field on attachment table pointing to attachment_location table entry.

We do not provide any GUI for maintaining this, so all changes must be performed in SQL.

Adding new entry:

  • Manually insert new row into table using Next_id from Sequence table
  • Update Next_id in Sequence table


select next_id from crm7.SEQUENCE where TableName = 'Attachment_location'

update crm7.sequence set next_id = (select MAX(attachment_location_id) + 1 from crm7.ATTACHMENT_LOCATION) where TableName = 'Attachment_location'

Von: Klaus Feierlein 29. Jan 2020

RE: Upgrade.exe 8.5R09 - No such file or directory

And yes, this is new with 8.5R09

Von: Klaus Feierlein 29. Jan 2020

RE: Upgrade.exe 8.5R09 - No such file or directory

I am merging to SuperOffice installations now that should be migrated to SuperOffice Online. Do you know of any limitations on the Migrating Tool regards to support multiple attachment_locations? Do they need to be a subdirectory of eachother - or could they be two directories side-by-side? 

Von: Atle Bjerck Crm Insight 18. Jun 2020

RE: Upgrade.exe 8.5R09 - No such file or directory

Hi Atle,

Migration tool has support for multiple locations as stored in attachment_locations. It will look for actual location so does not matter how this is structured. Important to remember when merging that you dont have any duplicate attachment ids or it might cause issues.

Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 19. Jun 2020