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'urgent' case in CS: Create in S&M

Looking for a solution/idea/example  along these lines.


In short:

While many CS cases are handled as ‘standard’ (calls/emails exchanged to solve a particular issue), there are cases that are 'urgent’ (and therefore different).

The example could be: A customer calls with an issue that in essence says : The production line is down because machine xyz is down. We  need a technician on-site asap to fix.

So, when case is saved, and priority = urgent, an email will go out to our contact (in CRM), or service contact (in CS) + service manager + others to be decided (hard coded). With variables name of company, contact, machine (project) name, and description.

Then, ideally,  An  ‘all day activity’ = on site service should be created for the same/next  day for ‘our service contact’ in S&M. (i.e to the calendar -). the case will (often) be changed to another (available service rep) or day, by Service manager.  (and availability is best seen in the S&M calendar view.  (the geograpical area covered/travel time involved is substantial)

In the activities details  (on udefs ?) the text from the case write up should be included in the S&M, ideally with select info from fields in the CS ticket.



RE: 'urgent' case in CS: Create in S&M

Hi Eirik,

Think this is a very good use case that many have encountered before and one way of handling this could be by adjusting script from Frode in this post


Von: Michel Krohn-Dale 29. Sep 2020