Forms - Service category is wrong and ticket empty


I have create a small form with a field - service category (see below). It shows all my external categories in Service. But it does not work as I hoped/wished. 

I though that if you choose something in that list, the case will be automatically placed in that que in Service. It creates a ticket in that que, but with no information so I cannot use it. If I change it so that I set a default category, a second ticket is created with the actuall information in it. Is this a bug? I have tried it in 2 Online databases now and it works the same way both places.

Picture left shows ticket no 2 showing the actual text from the form, right picture shows the blank ticket in the right category, but with no information.

When I choose a category in the form, I would like this to be the category for the ticket.

Any tips? I want the category in the form to be the category that the ticket is placed into - with all the information.


Anne Lene


RE: Forms - Service category is wrong and ticket empty

Hi Anne Lene


there are two ways how you can create requests in SuperOffice forms: 
1. form submitter can fill all the information: request category, title, message text.
2. you create a form and all the information from fields by submitter will end up as a request in your preferred category.

I assume that you trying to use both scenarios at the same time. I am suggesting to select one out of two. 

If you will select sceneario nr. 1, you will need to add two more fields such as Message and Title. 

Von: Donatas Sasnauskas 21. Okt 2019

RE: Forms - Service category is wrong and ticket empty

I did test the new fields when they came and it worked fine. But now I cannot get them to work anymore. I have a form looking like this:


But only when I have specified the settings marked in red under Actions, I get a ticket registered but not with the by the user entered information (title, category, message).


Have the new functionality become broken?

Von: Patrik Larsson 25. Nov 2019