Presenting rating data

Have someone been working with the rating element in the forms and the data it generates when a form is submitted? Such as preseneting the ratings in a diagram.

RE: Presenting rating data

Yes, I have been working with those for a customer. They wanted to gather feedback on their services, so they used mailings to send a form. Their customers could then rate them by using the form. The reports tab showed how they scored on each topic. From there they could export the data to excel if they need to see the details and create their own reports.

Von: Alex Pelan 9. Okt 2019

RE: Presenting rating data


Maybe this example can be helpful to you: 

  • to create a separate table for rating data.
  • create a script that moves all rating data to your table during submission. Also you can convert values from 0,1,2 to something more efficient for charts
  • And then you can use a selection/chart in CS

If needed I can share my example. 

Von: Donatas Sasnauskas 9. Okt 2019