Update SuperOffice username to match IdP username

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    Before using a federated sign-in service, you must update each SuperOffice username to match the IdP username.

    The username also known as the User-Principal-Name (UPN) set in your IdP must match the username set in SuperOffice Admin.


    • SuperOffice administrator account

    • Access to view user accounts of your identity provider

    The username you are going to map to is commonly (but not always) the primary email registered to the user account at the identity provider: user@domain.

    Look up the IdP username

    You can find the username in the admin>users section.

    For Microsoft:

    Go to https://admin.microsoft.com/AdminPortal/Home#/users


    For Google:

    Go to  https://admin.google.com/ac/users


    Change username in SuperOffice Admin client

    You need to map each username in SuperOffice Admin to the federated ID.

    1. Select Users from the navigator in the Admin client.

    2. For each user:

      1. Select the SuperOffice user to change.
      2. Enter the new username and click Save.