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Migrating users to SuperID (and IdP)

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    What happens to the user when moving to SuperID?

    Scenario - standard user (SuperID - basic)

    In SuperID, the user is prompted with a password as before. The password hash is updated the 1st time the user signs in.

    You might have SuperOffice users where the username belongs to a domain name with no registered IdP in our systems. Those users will continue to use their old SuperOffice password. No change, no setup - just sign in.

    If the user has an existing SuperID account and that password is different from the one entered, the email address is validated.

    • User type before SuperID: with password

    • User master: user

    • Credential record: password hash

    • Email function: reset password

    Scenario - standard user starting with IdP (SuperID - federated)

    The user is prompted with a password during the transition and then redirected to the identity provider( IdP) after.

    • User type before SuperID: with password

    • User master: user

    • Credential record: password hash during the transition; reference to IdP after

    • Email function: reset password during the transition; not applicable after

    Scenario - new user has never signed in

    The user was added to SuperOffice but never signed in prior to SuperID migration.

    1. The user receives a (resent) welcome email.

    2. The user clicks a link in the email and is asked to validate the email address.

    3. The user receives an email with a code and enters the code in the dialog box.

    4. The user may now set a password.

    5. The user is redirected to the tenant.

    If the user has an existing SuperID account, they will be asked to enter their password and to confirm connecting the SuperID account to this user when they click the link in the resent welcome email.

    • User type before SuperID: user candidate

    • User master: user candidate

    • Credential record: no credentials

    • Email function: resend welcome email

    Scenario - Cloud Office user

    A user that is using Cloud Office with documents in G-Suite or Office 365.

    In SuperID, the user is redirected to the identity provider as before.

    • User type before SuperID: Cloud Office

    • Credential record: reference to IdP

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