SMS for CRM Online

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    This document describes how to set up and enable Outbound SMS functionality for Service (requests) and Mailings in CRM Online.

    Note! To be able to setup and use outbound SMS - you need to contact the SMS provider directly to sign up for a subscription. You will receive an username and password which you need to add to the setup.


    How to setup SMS

    Note! There are settings specific to each plugin.

    1. Contact your SMS provider to sign up and receive account information.
    Click the link below to enter the signup/info page per provider supported:

    Intelecom SMS Plugin

    PSWinCom SMS Plugin

    SMSTeknik SMS Plugin

    TxtLocal SMS Plugin

    CM SMS Plugin

    Compaya SMS Plugin

    Twilio SMS Plugin


    2. To add the settings, either go to System -> SMS: 

    or go to Mailings -> Settings: 

    3. Chose your SMS subscriber in the "module" list:


    4. Type in your preferences, provider configuration text and credentials received from your SMS provider into "Plugin configuration".

    Provider Configuration text
    Compaya  compaya_username =
    compaya_password =
    CM cm_serviceId = 
    cm_username = 
    cm_password =
    TxtLocal txtlocal_username = 
    txtlocal_password =
    SMSTeknik smsteknik_serviceId = 
    smsteknik_username = 
    smsteknik_password =
    PSWinCom pswin_username = 
    pswin_password =
    Intelecom intele_serviceId = 
    intele_username = 
    intele_password =
    Twilio twilio_account_sid =
    twilio_auth_token =


     Examples of setup



    5. Click [Ok] to save.

    You are now ready to use your new SMS plugin.



    How to use:

    You may read about how to use the SMS plugins in the help file.
    The information in the help file applies to all SMS plugins 


    Note! SMS button in Mailings, and mobile phone number in resultset - will not be available until you have configured / set the settings for SMS setup.


    a) Mailings: [SMS] button will not be visible in Mailings before the SMS plugin is configured:

    Post configuration: 

    b) Requests: Mobile phone numbers will not be visible in the recipient list before the SMS plugin is configured:


    Post configuration: