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SuperOffice Analyze

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    The result of many years of cooperation between SuperOffice and Business Analyze. SuperOffice Analyze provides complete dashboards, reports and analyzes from the SuperOffice CRM-system.

    The below information is found on the Business Analyze webside:

    System requirements: http://services.businessanalyze.com/community/node/26

    Installation and setup: http://services.businessanalyze.com/community/node/81

    Forum: http://services.businessanalyze.com/community/forum/27

    Release note for 7.5: http://services.businessanalyze.com/community/node/279

    Release note for 7.0/7.1: http://services.businessanalyze.com/community/node/263

    Supported languages

      Software Documentation
    Norwegian Yes Yes
    English Yes Yes