Prepare CRM server

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    Prepare the program files folder

    This is where the server software will installed, default we put this in c:\program files\SuperOffice\SuperOffice Server.

    In this folder we also create a subfolder called Client, this folder must be available for all users who want to install the win client. We recommend you share the client folder, and not the SuperOffice Server folder. In the server folder you will find the tools for database maintenance (Dbsetup.exe) and create and edit the installfiles (SoCreateMST.exe)

    Prepare the document archive folder

    This folder is the central document archive, and all users must have access to this location via the application. For win app users this folder must be shared, the user must be able to create and edit folders and files.

    Prepare the database

    A database must be created on either SQL Server or Oracle before you start the server installer. See system requirements for the supported databases. Also note - the ODBC data source must be set up as a 32 bit system DSN.

    Which Services end point to use?
    Versions / client Web Service
    9.1 and newer services88 services88
    8.5 R09 - R15 services88 services88
    8.5 R01 - R08 services87 services87
    8.4 R07, R08 services87 services87
    8.4 R01 - R06 services86 services86
    8.3 R02, R03, R04 services86 services86
    8.3 R01 services85 services85
    8.2 services84 services84
    8.1 services84 services84
    8.0 SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6 services82 services82
    8.0, SR1, SR2 services80 services80

    Pocket CRM will automatically pick up the correct Services folder.