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  • 15 Feb 2021
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A fairly serious problem has emerged when importing new companies and contacts in 7.2. 

The company and contact number field is not updated automatically. It is a mandatory field so whenever a user edits an imported company, they need to guess at the next company number.


[2014.07.14: Stein]
This bug is also on 7.3 and 7.5. This creates very unsatisfied users and a lot of work for support.

[2014.07.18: charl]
It produces duplicates in numbers if users have to guess numbers during updating an entry or by importing some new data into the database. What are the consequences of duplicate numbers on company/person?

[2014.07.25: henks]
I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible, very angry customers. Of course you can give every contact number 1 (if unique is switched of), by why bother having this mandatory field then in the first place ? Very user unfriendly !

[2014.08.01: to]
I hope this will be fixed soon. My customer will import quite often and this makes it VERY manually to have to consider the number allocation. (my customer use SO Online)

[2015.04.14: henri]
It looks as if it works in Online (Build 5530) by checking "Allow Blank" in Options before import. We have a couple of customers where this is working without problems....

[2015.12.28: emili]
Still not working in Online v8

[2016.04.29: emili]
And still not working