Failed to create Identity from tokens (SuperOffice Seven win on Windows 7)

Running SO Seven Window on Win 7 (happens to run on a wmware inside a MAC

One machine throwing error when attempting connect:

type: SuperOffice.Exceptions.SoSessionException
at SuperOffice.Security.Principal.SoLocalPrincipal.Authenticate()

Environment info:
Version: SuperOffice NetServer 7.0 Release (Build: 4003.a)
Database type: Sybase - 9
Database: \\\
StackTrace: at SuperOffice.Diagnostics.SoLogger.LogException(EventLogEntryType logType, SoExceptionInfo exception)
at SuperOffice.Exceptions.SoException.LogException(EventLogEntryType logType)
at SuperOffice.Security.Principal.SoLocalPrincipal.Authenticate()
at SuperOffice.SoContext.Authenticate(SecurityToken[] tokens)
at SuperOffice.SoSession.Authenticate()
at NSSoSession._OpenSession(SvStr* i_UserId, SvStr* i_Passwrd)
at _WinMainCRTStartup()

Have so far:

Done a full uninstall /reinstall (including 2x registry cleaner)
ODBC and paths checks out.

Downloaded/ran fix on MS .net 4.0

Ran msi (2x) with fix.
Installer log does not list any problems.
User can log in from any other machine on network, no other user can log in from problem machine.

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Re: Failed to create Identity from tokens (SuperOffice Seven win on Windows 7)

What version of VMWare Fusion is running on?

Is there a security policy on AD (if windows network) that prevents remote machines to access SO resources?

I'm running well on Fusion 3, but our db is MS SQL 2005.

By: Bruno Alexandre 23 Dec 2011

Re: Failed to create Identity from tokens (SuperOffice Seven win on Windows 7)


As mentioned, this is a new issue; the setup It has been working solidly for several months, so I suspect it has to do with some sort of update, or a .net issue.

I am able to see everything, and have full read/write to the shares.

Active Directory is not being used.

By: Eirik Simonsen 23 Dec 2011

Re: Failed to create Identity from tokens (SuperOffice Seven win on Windows 7)

Hi Eirik, the "Unable to create Identity from tokens" message might be a bit confusing. I don't think that is the real problem here. You can have a functional installation even if that is written to the logfile.

I assume that after you've entered the username and password you get a errordialog? What does it say?

Does it just say "An error occurred while opening the database. See Log File.". That is a pretty generic message that could point to several things, but might just be a wrong ArchivePath.

SuperOffice has two environmental dependencies - a database and a fileshare. If the path to the fileshare is wrong you do not get anything better than that message, and nothing is logged to any logfile about this...

Is anything logged to \\server\so_arc\data\so_log.txt? Anything at all? If not then it might indicate a problem finding so_arc.

How long does it take from you click the OK button on the login dialog 'till you get an errormessage? 0 seconds? 30 seconds?

You could also check the C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\SuperOffice\SuperOffice 7 Windows folder to see if there are any rogue .config or .ini files there being used.

Also make sure you have correct DNS settings in the machines ipconfiguration. That can cause slow logins.


By: Frode Lillerud 23 Dec 2011

Re: Failed to create Identity from tokens (SuperOffice Seven win on Windows 7)


Thanks... that did it.

Even though I was able to browse (and add) to the central SO_ARC from the machine using the network name, changing the odbc connection and .ini archive settings to use IP addressing solved the problem. That certainly suggest the DNS is the culprit. (what is still a mystery is that the log file on the central archive DID in fact get updated prior to that change)

By: Eirik Simonsen 23 Dec 2011