Beta & Pilot programs now testing

Sometimes there are several Beta and Pilot programs running at the same time and other times just the one or none.

You can always see what RnD is cooking up for you in the Product Release section on the Community. If you are logged in, you will also see what future versions are planned and more details on each of them.

Right now, we are looking for Pilots for the following Pilot program in particular:


SuperOffice Online federated login (SuperID)

The latest version of SuperOffice CRM Online that we are testing includes more features help you handle how you log in to SuperOffice Online.

It can be seen as a service used by CRM Online - for using your MS Office 365 or Google G Suite as the authentication service - when logging into CRM Online.

In specific, the key features include:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) / Two-factor authentication (2FA) / Two-step verification
  • User authentication / login to CRM Online is leaner - uses your existing Office365 or G Suite credentials. No SuperOffice password
  • Automatic login if already logged in to Office 365 or Google G Suite (browser session)
  • Leaner administration of new and existing users from SO Admin: Just add Office 365 or Google G Suite user name - users gets a welcome email with instructions on how to authenticate and log in
  • Handles user connected to multi-sites - handles users across all CRM Online sites - when logging into more than one site (choose site to log into with one user-account )

To learn more about what is coming, what this mean and to sign up as a pilot customer, contact your local SuperOffice company, or simply sign up as a Beta and Pilot customer following the instructions below.

Who can test SuperOffice SuperID?

We are interested in hearing from customers who use:

  • SuperOffice CRM Online
  • Have a subscription to either MS Office 365 or Google G Suite
  • Customer who do NOT use SuperOffice Cloud Integration app (MS Office 365 or Google G Suite)

What's in it for you?

This Pilot program will be particularly valuable for those companies who have many users to administer. With the new features comes an important service that will provide better management of users and improve your overall login experience.  

By being a Pilot tester you will get a head start and early access to features that will help you meet your users and adminstrators requirements for easier user administration and login process. 

When can you start?

  • SuperOffice CRM Online Pilot start: October 2018



Ready to try the latest features out?

That’s great!

Have a look at this article on how to sign up, or get in touch with us and let us know that you are interested - and we will contact you to clarify and agree the next steps with you.