Pocket CRM app end-of-life for the Microsoft Windows 10 mobile phone

Microsoft recently announced that they are abandoning their mobile phone strategy. Due to this decision from Microsoft, we have decided that we will no longer support the SuperOffice Pocket CRM app on Microsoft Windows 10 mobile phones or tablets.

What can you come to expect?

If you happen to have a Windows Mobile 10 phone or tablet and use Pocket CRM with it, the following changes will take effect on July 15, 2017:

  1. We will not release any future updates of the Pocket CRM software for the Windows platform
  2. No new users will be able to download and install Pocket CRM on a Windows 10 mobile phone or tablet. This also means if you uninstall it from your phone, you will be unable to reinstall it.
  3. The current version you have installed will continue to work. However, if Microsoft releases an update for your phone that is incompatible with Pocket CRM, the only option is to uninstall Pocket CRM.

How does it affect licenses?

If you use SuperOffice CRM Online or pay as a subscription, there will be no change as Pocket CRM is included in your subscription.

If you have SuperOffice installed onsite and have users affected by this, contact us and we will remove your Pocket CRM license so that you no longer receive maintenance invoices for Pocket CRM from next year.

What are your options for Pocket CRM?

If you want to continue to user Pocket CRM on your phone, then these are your current options:

  • Switch to an iOS or Android device
    You can then download and install the latest version of Pocket CRM and continue using it as before.
  • Continue as you are now on a Microsoft Windows phone
    The current version of Pocket CRM will continue to work as long as it is installed and compatible with the OS on your phone. Note that if you decide to purchase a new MS Windows phone, you will not be able to download or access Pocket CRM on the new device.

We know that there are only a handful of you that are affected by this, however, if you are affected and have questions about this, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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